FREE Pricing Guide for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Profitable Pricing Guide for Wedding + Portrait Photographers

My Free Guide, Setting Profitable Prices For Your Photography, is in a helpful e-book format, walking you through 6 clear steps. 

Discover Your Costs

How much money is your photography business costing you every single month? 

Decide on A Price Structure

A La Carte Offerings or Set Collections?

Setting Initial Prices

Read your local market and work towards your dream rates.

Communicating Your Prices

Schools of thought when it comes to displaying prices online!

Raising Your Prices

Practical advise on when + how to raise your service fees.

Managing Your Finances

Keeping your personal + business finances organized, separately.

Jamie Delaine Watson

Jamie Delaine Watson has been running a wedding and portrait photography business for nearly a decade in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Jamie knows having a complete understanding of your photography business' numbers will free up every photographer to do more work they love!

In this guide, Jamie shares practical advice on how to make your business more profitable!